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Shanghai Association of Volunteers

Shanghai Association of Volunteers (also named ¡°Shanghai Volunteers¡±) was officially established on July 27, 1997 and is now the largest non-governmental organization in Shanghai dedicated to the cause of social welfare and charity.

Shanghai Volunteers aims to serve the community and improve the people¡¯s welfare under the guidelines of Deng Xiaoping¡¯s theories and the important thought of Three Represents. On the principles of equality, mutual help, selfless devotion and progressive operation, Shanghai Volunteers has been and will remain committed, within its own capacity, to helping the aged, disabled and poverty stricken citizens; giving grants to needy students and patients; advocating mutual aid in communities, respect for the senior and love for the junior citizens, and conservation of nature and ecology; assisting in traffic and public security administration; offering legal advices, employment advices; promoting science education and public health; and serving at domestic and international exchange and cultural events. Shanghai Volunteers has played a positive and visible role in the material development and spiritual progress of Shanghai.

Organization structur

Shanghai Volunteers is led by a Council which is composed of an Honorary President, a President, Vice Presidents, a Secretary General, Deputy Secretaries General, and directors. The Vice Presidents are mainly officials from the CPC Municipal Committee, the Municipal People¡¯s Government, the Municipal People¡¯s Congress, and Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPPCC. The Council has a Secretariat which is responsible for the daily operations of the organization. The Secretary General is assumed by a Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Shanghai, and the Deputy Secretaries General are leading officials from relevant departments of the municipal government and the CPC municipal committee of Shanghai, including the Office for Spiritual Civilization Development, the Municipal Trade Union of Shanghai, Shanghai Youth Federation, Shanghai Women¡¯s Federation, and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, in which the Standing Deputy Secretary General assumes the duties as the legal person representative of the organization. And the directors include officials from other government agencies and departments, business leaders, philanthropists, artists, film and sports stars and other devoted volunteers. The contact address of the Secretariat is:

Building 20, 18 Gaoan Road, Shanghai 200030
Tel: 021-64665828
Fax: 64156755

Operation network

Shanghai Volunteers has a well-designed hierarchy and operation network. Its branches and subsidiaries include volunteer associations of districts (including one county) of Shanghai, branch associations (mainly the Association of Worker Volunteers under the Municipal Trade Union, the Association of Young Volunteers under the Communist Youth League Shanghai Municipal Committee, and the Association of Family Volunteers under Shanghai Women¡¯s Federation), and these association and branch associations have organized volunteer teams of their own under which there are smaller volunteer groups. In addition Shanghai Volunteers has organized a dozen of task-specific teams of professional volunteers for international exchange, health promotion, science education, family planning, guidance for business start-up, Sunshine Care for leukemia patients, aid for the aged and disabled, cityscape inspection, traffic administration and public open space administration. Now, Shanghai has 40938 volunteer groups that belong to 722 volunteer teams, and a total of 2 million registered volunteers.



Secretariat of Shanghai Association of Volunteers
                                                                                                                                October 25th, 2004

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